Hair pics!

16 Jul 2017 23:23[personal profile] musyc
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Since I'm going to get a trim tomorrow to cut off the damaged/messy ends of my hair, I took a couple of pics today, just to see the real length.

While wearing my big fuzzy blanket because my hair does not show up against my usual black shirt. XD

First is hanging as-is, just about to my waist. Second is with the longest piece stretched out, and that hits my tailbone.

Long! )

Cat mommy troubles

14 Jul 2017 23:13[personal profile] musyc
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Ugh, tiny guilty feeling. Cinders didn't want to come in tonight AT. ALL. She fussed around, refusing to get within arm's reach. Normally, I'd let her take her time, but there's an awfully strong skunk smell around the neighborhood this week, and I didn't want her to run into it.

So I got her feather stick and I tricked her into getting near me, and then I grabbed her. Actually, I grabbed the fur on her back. Not even her scruff. She squeaked. Actual "ouch, that huuuuurts" pain squeak. Twice! I felt so baaaaaaaaaaaaad.

But she had to come inside! No more playing around! I apologized, and I gave her special wet food treats. I think she's forgiven me. Mostly.

I still feel bad. >.>

(no subject)

11 Jul 2017 18:21[personal profile] musyc
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Getting things done outside the house? Successful! Made a hair appointment, cashed in a bunch of change, went to the next town over to check out the vaping shop there.

Yeah, it's a couple of minor things, but for somebody who's as much of a hermit as I am, it was Good For Me, Huzzah. Mentally wore me out, though. C'mon, I talked to five strangers today! XD



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